Ron Goulet – Redwood City Artist

Long time peninsula resident Ron Goulet has been creating Art on traditional media since he was twelve years old. Within the past 10 years he discovered new and exciting media. These new media have added fuel to his desire and passion to express himself in all of his realist, unique, and bold creations.

Growing up in Redwood City in the early 1970’s Ron’s family and friends recognized his artistic talent for drawing. His talent quickly evolved into his creative expressions in oil paintings on canvas.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Ron continued to express himself with his oil and canvas creations however, he began to grow creatively by breaking into the world of Tattoos and Airbrush detailing. His creations are walking all around us today.

In the early 2000’s Ron discovered a new and unique way of creating art in glass. Combining his creativity, brush work, and attention to fine details, resulted in his most recent sandblasted creations. Ron has spent many hours creating works for a two different glass shops here on the peninsula. Ron’s work, from individually sandblasted and airbrushed grapes in a wine cellar, to an eloquently sandblasted and gold-leafed Taj Mahal, can be found in high-end homes and restaurants along on the peninsula.