"If I hadn't started writing,
I would have become a garbage collector."

Lynn at home

LYNN RUTH MILLER has been remodeling facts since her mother first asked, "Who ate that Hershey Bar?" She began writing the moment she realized that anything on paper is accepted as truth. She became a professional writer the year she won a silver dollar for her thumbnail biography of newspaper columnist, Dorothy Thompson, the Blue-Eyed Tornado of journalism in the forties and fifties. From that moment forward, Miller determined to be even more blunt, outspoken and outrageous than her role model.

At age 74, she has accomplished her goal. An established Bay Area author, artist, and comedienne, Lynn Ruth Miller has yet to settle into retirement. Her works sprinkle humor with a touch of nostalgia, focusing on topics that touch us all. She has been published in various fields for over 40 years, in more than 100 publications and has toured with her books across the United States and abroad. An acclaimed fine artist, cabaret performer, and host of two popular television programs, Miller began stand up comedy when she turned 70 and has been featured in venues throughout the Bay Area, nationally and internationally. Her one woman show has been featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for three years running, '05 – '07.

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In Lynn's Own Words…

Although I have been writing as if for a deadline since I was ten, and painting as if I had a commission since 1965, I was an invisible single woman until I was well over 60 years old.

Each success I realized gave impetus to the next one and I have become more noticed every day.  In Edinburgh, I am The Stripping Granny and in the bay area, The Funny Old Lady…but most important, no matter what you label me, I am having a great time being me. There is no dream too outrageous for me to chase.  After all, at 74, what on earth do I have to lose?

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