In the past two years I have also been exploring freelance photography...plants, animals, people and food! I have been in four San Francisco Bay Area art shows. Please feel free to peruse my photography section. Since technology is constantly changing I find myself also digging into new books on AJAX, Web 2.0, PHP, and advanced HTML and CSS. I currently split my time between working on Cisco System's internal websites and doing freelance website/graphic design projects. By the time I got a bachelors degree in fine arts in 1989, I realized that faster than I could say "obsolete", art seemed to be moving toward "virtual" canvases. Here is a little history of what was going on between 1985 and 1989 when I was busy painting away with oil paints and achieving multiple F's in computer science in art school. 1985: Forerunner of America Online (AOL) is launched by Steve Case 1990: Tim Berners-Lee develops Internet computer language and address system